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Outrageous Generosity - First Thoughts

This is not a reflection on the Assembly - that will come - but a couple of Bible passages that have come to mind as I seek to be 'outrageously generous' in real life (and for those who try reading between lines, on this occasion you are probably wrong).

Jesus said, if someone strikes on the right cheek, offer them the left also (Matt 5:39).  One, valid, reading of this is that the offer of the other cheek confounds the aggressor, since under the honour codes of the time, the slap would be administered using the back of the right hand - it would be rather tricky to do this to the left cheek.  But today, my thought is more metaphorical, if someone slaps you in the face, does outrageous generosity mean that you 'turn the other cheek'?  I think it might.

Jesus also said, in response to a question from Peter, that forgiveness should be offered 'seventy times seven' (or seven times seven, or seventy times), suggesting it should be free, full and never ending, even if the person keeps on doing the self same thing  (Matt 18:22).  When someone wrongs us - or we perceive them to wrong us - is it outrageously generous that we go on forgiving them?  I think it might be.

So then, the challenge when the rubber hits the road (or the proverbial the fan) will I turn the other cheek to the person(s) who have hurt/damaged/offended me?  But, what when they have hurt/damaged.offended others about whom I care or who have no voice?  Can I forgive, unstintingly without condoning?

Today my readers will include people who have been hurt in all manner of circumstances; what is the outrageous generosity in those situations?  They will also include people who have hurt others, deliberately or otherwise; what is outrageous generosity there?

There is so much to process from what I have heard on this theme, so much that can become empty rhetoric masking old understandings if we aren't careful.  To reiterate, this post is not a veiled response to anything that was said or done at the Assembly, just my attempts to begin to think what lived outrageous generosity might look like.

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