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All Saints Day - Orthodox in Heart

Working from home today, on the basis that, with this cold, if I had a 'real' job I would stay home to avoid passing it on to others.

A quick look at HymnQuest turned up this hymn by Percy Dearmer for All Saints Day:

1  Unknown and unrewarded,
    Their very names have died -
    Thy true church through the ages,
    The remnant by thy side:
    These pure in heart did see thee;
    From dross of self refined,
    They spent their lives for others,
    Courageous, peaceful, kind.

2  For many learn the doctrine,
    And lose it in their rules,
    And many drown thy Gospel
    In clamour of the schools;
    But thy true saints have found thee
    In all things as thou art;
    These followed thine example,
    The orthodox in heart.

3  Wise were they all, and simple,
    And meek, and strong, and sane,
    Beloved and loving were they,
    With laughter in their train;
    They turned from fame and riches
    A happier way to choose,
    They understood thy kingdom,
    They welcomed thy good news.

4  O why so few that follow?
    And why are we so far?
    Their gracious way is easy:
    Our dullness makes the bar.
    O king of saints, inspire us
    The love of self to slay,
    Till, all our ranks advancing,
    We throng the narrow way!

    Percy Dearmer (1867-1936)

I rather like it... and verse 2 seems to echo some of the ideas about 'outrageous generosity' that gospel can be obstructed by 'right' theology... I guess what the liberation theologians would allude to as the tension of ortho-doxy and ortho-praxis.  The phrase 'orthodox in heart' seems a helpful one as we negotiate our way in a complex and confusing world.

Anyway, as we remember saints official or unofficial, it's good to pause and see where we each fit into the story

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