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Helpful Hints for a Happy Cat...

Yesterday one of my dinner guests gave me a helpful hint for Holly grooming... and it works!

Holly tolerates being brushed but hates being combed.  My guest asked if I had tried the 'marigold method'... put on a pair of washing up gloves and stroke the cat normally.  It works!  The slight abrasion of the gloves coupled with static electric effects seem to successfully drag out the dead/loose fur and leave Holly looking even more lovely.  To have her purring as she's groomed is a definite bonus!

And here's another tip I was given by a vet for my last cat more than a decade ago... to get them to take pills.  Crush the pill, mix it with some squeezy cheese spread and smear it on the cat's paw or mouth area... it will then lick it off and consume the pill with minimal stress to cat or owner.

Simples, as the meerkat would express it.

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