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Giving In Gracefully?

I have lost count of the number of 'friend' requests I have received from people on Facebook (though I have also discovered that after about three years they do stop sending reminders!).  I am a bit wary of it as platform, so when I finally gave in today and signed up (I'm the one with my name who has the picture of a cat if you are wanting to look; the other one lives about 20 miles away) I set my privacy settings pretty high - or at least those I understood.  I seriously hope I do not fall prey to Facebook addiction, I spend more than enough time online already.  For the foreseeable, I will remain mostly a blogger... I find this kind of platform easy to use (even if commenting is unpredictable) but, yes, I finally gave in and joined the ranks of sad Facebook folk.

Amusingly, I already have three Facebook friends, as I had three extant, outstanding requests.  I think I sent about three myself then gave up... If you are on the dreaded platfom and want to be my online friend, I'm sure you'll find me, and/or my namesake easily enough.


  • I'm sure you didn't really mean to offend those of us who have a facebook presence :-)

  • Oh dear.... open mouthy... swap feet.... close mouth

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