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Been a nice little break from routine - even if a certain furry alarm clock still expects to be fed at 6 a.m.!

Monday - went to see The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists which as ever with Aardman made me laugh and made me marvel at the details.  I was pleased that the concerns of Lepra and TLM had been addressed (though the old version of the trailer survives on You Tube) to remove a joke at the expense of people afflicted by leprosy (the joke remained but the context was a random 'plague'... has to be said the people on the ship concerned looked like stereoptypical people with leprosy but maybe if you didn't know you wouldn't make the connection).  Great fun.  A grand day out, as the saying goes.

Tuesday - met a friend to eat cup cakes in the place near church, then carefully avoided turning into the street to church and walked home.  Treated the cat to some 'human' tuna, ham and chicken - she is very happy now.  Watched some trash on TV and an interesting documentary about developments in cancer treatment being researched in London.  So a nice chilled kind of a day.

Today - went out to purchase the extra walking gear recommended for my Ben Nevis climb, so an expensive but useful day.  Decided it was time I finally bouhgt a proper boot bag to replace the supermarket carriers I've been using for donkey's years - and at £4.50 it as embarrassingly affordable!  Slightly amused that the cheap head torch I bought today is far better than the expensive one I bought last year... for one thing it actually works!

Back to work tomorrow... still one outstanding day off to reclaim but I think I'll take that next week, otherwise there will be no sermon for Sunday!  That and work my way through a Nevis sized mountain of ironing!!

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