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Mentoring and Munching

One of the delights and privileges of being an experienced minister is mentoring less experienced ministers, and this year I have been working with a very capable and intelligent young minister, reflecting on aspects of a complex ministry pattern and watching as nascent gifts and skills begin to find expression.

Today to mark the end of year one, we went out for lunch.  I am the 'food 'n' drink' mentor, the one who buys wine (or soft drinks) for NAMs, who sups coffee (or tea) at the drop of a hat, and who thinks food is very important (and that it ticks the WWJD box!). 

I am privileged indeed - there are not many jobs/careers that allow such enjoyable means of working, or that permit such important working relationships to be formed.  When I wrote my essay on mentoring for SBC/BUS (so that I could be a thrice-qualified mentor) I read some stuff about women's mentoring styles.  Whilst I dislike gender stereotypes, it does seem that women are more likely than men to see leisurely meetings over meals as a valid approach.

Anyway, I have a full belly and a warm glow from our conversations.  Have a brilliant summer M, and in September Year 2 begins - more coffee methinks!

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