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Feet of Clay

It's a well known saying (derived from some imagery in the Book of Daniel, if memory serves correctly).  Every now and then I remind myself of just what crumbly, clay feet I have... and of how blessed I am to serve people who are far more gracious and generous than I deserve.

Today, after church, was our AGM, one of those strange, legal entities that has to be undertaken, followed by a normal church meeting with a relatively short agenda.  One way and another today turned into a very long day, so now I'm tired, and busy 'over-thinking' things I wish I hadn't said, or had said, or had expressed better; done, or not done, or done differently.

Do all minister type people think other ministers are better at the job than than the are?  Are we all keenly aware of our frailty, finitude, and general fallen-short-ness?  Do we all turn things over and over, aware of our limitations?

It's late to be blogging (at least for me), and I'm tired after a long day.  I am also happy to be where I firmly believe God wants me to work and serve, among amazing people in a church that at its best is a foretaste of heaven.

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