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Blogroll Housekeeping

I have just reviewed and updated my blogroll (list of blogs I read).  I have taken off a number that are defunct (though a few near defunct ones remain for now) and added some fresh ones.  The reality is that I follow a lot of blogs either by RSS feed or bookmarking, far more than I ever list here.  Most of the listed ones are by people/groups whose work is, or was, in, or associated with, church.  If you haven't explored any of them before, why not take a look - you might find something that appeals to you too!


If you are a blogger whose link I have removed, it doesn't mean I've stopped reading your stuff, just a matter of trying to keep the list reasonably lively and interesting!  OK... someone take the spade away from me now...


  • We're still there!

  • Ouch ;-)!

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