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I Want One of Those...

No secret that I have a "big birthday" looming and that I plan to celebrate it with great gusto.

When I had my 40th, I asked that, instead of gifts for me, people made donations to charities of their choice.  And on the whole they did.  I was really touched at the range of projects supported in celebration of my big 4-0.

This morning I was buying Christmas cards online from a number of charities close to my heart, and I stumbled across the 'thing' I want for my birthday:

Reconstructive Surgery

For £120 it is possible to buy reconstructive surgery for someone affected by leprosy.  Until I had reconstructive surgery myself, I had no idea how significant it is - in my case it is, outwardly, largely cosmetic, though it does help keep my back straight and avoid lop-sided stresses.  But more than the appearance is what it does for the person, restoring confidence, giving hope and possibilities.

I will be spending money on partying with various groups of friends in various ways, but I will be saving some pennies to buy this gift of hope for someone else.  I kind of hope some of my friends might find it an appealing idea too... (not that they should give £120 each but could maybe club together)

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