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Slightly Political!

The eagle-eyed reader will have spotted a new 'badge' on my blog - one supporting the move for the Anglican church to permit women to be appointed as bishops.  This isn't an 'ordination of women' right or wrong issue, since they have overcome that one a long time ago.  This is about the logical consquences of dicscerning that God does call women to be ordained, in a church that has a three-fold order of ministry.  Although in practice the bishop - priest - deacon thing is probably pretty hierarchical, given their ontological view of ordination (i.e. that in ordination you become this thing called 'priest') it is nonsensical theolgocially to say 'thus far and no further'... at least in my non-scaramental mind!  You either ordain women or you don't, period; the difference is about 'role' not 'headship': get over yourselves!! 

So I am gladly displaying my support for women bishops, and would encourage those in Anglican contexts to consider carefully if you would be willing to actively engage by viisting this site and (please) voting.


  • Not allowed to sign (not in England) but I'm rooting for them.

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