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It's Starting to get Messy!

One rather crazy SHEPHERDESS attired in SHEEPDOG collar along with the first of our knitted sheep, a ewe called Glynis.  Shortly I will be off out in search of adoptive homes for our (not yet knitted) FLOCK ready for our Messy Nativity Sheep trail in the first two weeks of December.  As children are wont to say 'I can't wait'.  So cold calling on a dozen retail outlets in my 'Barbie gets Religion' clerical shirt... but who could resist those eyes and that lovely black face...?


 UPDATE - five stores already visited, and some lessons in marketing learned (so back to the ranch SHEEPFOLD to produce more detailed info sheets).  One said yes immediately, three others have staff eagerly waiting to tell their managers/marketing departments all about it, and one practically begged me to contact head office who they "are sure will say yes"... 

The looks on the faces of the people as I showed them Glynis were a joy to behold!

Time for lunch now!!



All twelve 'first pass' retailers visited.

Two signed up straight away - both part of national chains with some local autonomy.  Interesting.

One blank refusal - "company policy; no charity stuff".  Shook the dust from my feet and moved on.

Eight info packs handed to staff, seven really enthusiastic, the other willing to pass info to the manager later on when he arrives.

One head office contacted - awaiting reply.

Really interesting to see who "got" it and who didn't - let's hope the replies come back soon.

Next steps... identify a second batch of outlets/attractions; plan follow up visits/contact to the nine interested outlets.

A good job jobbed, methinks.


  • Awww! You both look so sweet. :-) Good luck with the search.

  • Thank you! :-)

  • Who could resist indeed! (Glynis looks good too)

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