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True Words in Jest

One of the little books of mine that has been out on loan for a very long time is "101 Things to do During a Dull Sermon" a collection of fun and funny anecdotes that dates back to the 1990s.  In fact, it has been out on loan so long, and via such a long chain of people, I fear I may never see it again, so have just ordered myself a shiny new copy! :-)

This morning's Baptist Times enews sweep thingy, had a link to a blog with ten ways for children to survive a boring sermon from which there is a link to a more general list aimed at adults.  Each of these is amusing and shows that as time passes, nothing much changes.

But, on a more serious note, a little book has recently been published by Andy Goodliff presenting his MTh work in to how Baptists have viewed children, which I will also order (once it becomes available).  How we relate to children, how we nurture their innate faith, how we make church meaningful for all ages and stages of people, is a massive challenge.  I am interested to read what Andy has written, and to set it with other work, including some of my own undergraduate research, and see how we can move forward so that children and young people don't just vote with their feet because church is boring, irrelevant or whatever.

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