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Lord, you sometimes speak in....

... Facebook?!

Been a busy day, demanding and challenging, but that's fine, that's what I 'signed up for' when I accepted God's call to ordained ministry.

My propensity to over-reflect was doing it's worst, so I logged into Facebook (the only way I keep in touch with some people) to catch up on news and views.  And there was a 'shared' 'photo' that said just what I needed to hear...

Yes, it could be plain old fashioned coincidence, as in just two things happening at the same time for no better reason than none.  Or it could be God doing what God does... Right now I prefer the latter explanation.


  • Not only Facebook, Catriona. His whisper is everywhere if we can hear it.

  • Indeed, it is. Just a bit of an 'in' joke based on a hymn I'm rather fond of.

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