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How do you explain Christmas crackers to an overseas student...


Four little maids from uni are we

Sitting on the rev's settee

Sharing food and company

Four little maids..... are we!


Actually there were eight of us, seven students and me, gathered together to make Christmas in a fairly C20/C21 traditional British style.  That's British that reflects Northern Irish, Scottish and assorted English expressions thereof.  That's British that catered as best we could for diverse dietary needs.

And of course there were Christmas crackers, which our two overseas students had never seen or heard of before.  But they entered gamely into the nonsense, sported their golden paper crowns and tucked in to their food. (bother, I threw away the crowns - should have  kept them for Get in the Picture; cannot retrieve them they are buried under food scraps!!)

My fridge is groaning under the weight of leftovers.  Later today I will be consigning to the freezer enough 'Christmas Dinner ready meals' to last a very long time, and working out how to combine leftover cauliflower and broccoli into flavoursome soup for fressing (as I still have a vat of tomato to eat my way through!)

A great evening... even if (or maybe evidenced by the fact that) it was actually 2 p.m. when I finally got to bed...

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