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Second Week in Advent: Tuesday

After yesterday's frenetic activity, today has been much more gentle in pace - maybe my prayer was answered and I did, to an extent, 'cease' (and yes, Jane, be reminded that I am not God!).  A lovely time with my house guests, who treated me to dinner out last night, and who have now continued further north to see other of their friends who live in Scotland.

An expensive day - £58 for stamps to send the cards that have too far to travel for me to hand deliver them, £18 to send three parcels, and quite a bit on organising delivery of other gifts via internet sites.  But that's more of less it done now.  The commercial, expensive (very) can be ticked off, and I can centre more fully on the 'reason for the season'

A beautiful day - clear blue sky and crisp frost on grass and trees.  Winter can be such a gift, if we have the will to indulge ourselves and enjoy it, whether it is delighting in the cold air or snuggling in the warmth of home.


Thank you God for this day:

For the clear blue sky and sparkling white frost

For the taste of apricot jam on warm croissants

For shared conversations and the making of memories

For the ability to pay for stamps to send greetings to farway places

For colourful wrapping paper and sturdy carboard boxes

For spaces and places to enjoy your good creation


Thank you God,

That whilst we are preoccupied

With packing and posting

And buying and writing

And endless other preparations,

You simply carry on




And declaring your work

To be good



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