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Second Week of Advent: Thursday

Today's PAYG used Isaiah 41: 13 - 20 as its basis for reflection.  It's an odd passage with weird imagery, but what struck me was the line that ran, “Do not be afraid, Jacob, poor worm, Israel, puny mite. I will help you â€“ it is the Lord who speaks â€“ the Holy One of Israel is your redeemer.”

A poor worm, a puny mite... the lowest and mostly lowly creatures, barely observed, rarely valued, overlooked and ignored.  Worms and mites get a pretty bad press I think, which is not entirely deserved, as a TV programme I watched yesterday evening powerfully demonstrated.

Sometimes I expect we do feel a bit like the puny, poor, unnoticed, wrongly perceived mini-beasts alluded to in the reading.  Sometimes our best endeavours seem pretty pathetic.  Sometimes we ridicule the best endeavours of others.  But the promise remains... God promises to help the least of all.


Help us to hear your promise, God

That you are not only aware of us

And all our struggles



But that you will help us

Will redeem us

Will reconcile us

Will renew and refresh us


Poor worm,

Puny mite...

God's good creation,

Loved by God



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