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Spooky.... or Spirit?

Coming from a long line of preaching people (a rabbi, a Methodist local preacher and a Christian Scientist reader to name the three I know of for certain!) it is perhaps not such a surprise that both my sister and I ended up preaching.  Our theological views differ quite a lot, but there is a strong, shared sense of what creating an act of worship is about, and I have a sneaky suspicion she's the better preacher of the two.

Anyway, last night there was a slightly weird conversation about worship we were each planning, her for Sunday and I for Christmas Day.  I'm using two secular pieces, she said, this and that.  That's odd, I said, so am I, well three actually, those two and another one.  And three carols she said, this, this and that... Well that's spooky, I said, I'm using two of those too...

So, I have to assume that we are on the same wavelength here, whether as she says, because we both have good taste, or as I dare to suggest, the Holy Spirit gave us both the same nudge.

If you want to know what the songs are... well you'll have to come along to the Gathering Place at 11 a.m. on Christmas Day or to some unspecified URC in Cambridgeshire this Sunday!

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