08 January 2013

Not quite fifty things then...

Some readers will recall I had the hair-brained idea of coming up with fifty things to do in this year of being fifty... well the truth is I just could not think of fifty things that I really wanted to do, and I couldn't see the point of adding loads of things just to make up the numbers.  So here, in no particular order, are the things I have come up with...

  • Go to the cinema once a month
  • Climb Snowdon
  • Climb Scafell
  • Have afternoon tea at Betty's Harrogate
  • Read a leisure book a month
  • Fly a kite on a beach or headland (ht Tim Presswood)
  • As a concession to all things girlie, the only one I plan to make, have a professional manicure (I have an event in mind for which this might be appropriate)
  • Write and deliver a conference paper at the 'Baptist Doing Theology' conference
  • Learn to play, properly, at least one piano work from among the stuff I already have
  • Raise funds for a local charity in Glasgow which was founded by The Gathering Place and it's 'mother church'
  • Help my kid brother mark his fiftieth next autumn!

The plan is, by writing them down I am more likely to do them, as I have some sort of accountability.


Actually I could make fifty different cupcake designs... ;-)


Is the Baptists doing theology in context conference happening? Some of us are not sure.

Posted by: Andy Goodliff | 08 January 2013

No idea Andy! If it's not I'll aim to submit something to BMJ instead.

Posted by: Catriona | 08 January 2013

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