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Glad I'm not God...

If you have watched Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty, you will have seen humorously explored questions around prayer and its answering.

The classic when I grew up was the preacher who spoke of the child who prayed for sunshine for the picnic they looked forward to, and the farmer who prayed for rain for the crops, and the conundrum of which prayer God should answer (and the smart Alec reply (not from me, brain too slow) that God could send rain at night and sun in the day...)

This weekend we see one of the classic situations whereby decent, earnest Christians are engaged in equal and opposite prayers regarding propsed legislative changes in England and Wales (I'm sure similar stuff is happening in Scotland I just don't see it reported; oh, and 'hello Northern Ireland' <waves>).  Poor God, the already wounded church tearing itself apart, as God is invoked in favour of alternative understandings.  If that isn't enough, then people will interpret the outcome as successful/unsuccessful prayer, evil/good winning, God punishing/God affirming, and even, sadly 'us' over against 'them'.  Oh dear.

These are important and difficult decisions that must be made, and decent, loving people will be hurt or disappointed whatever the outcome.  May God grant us humility and gentleness as we pray, or refrain form praying, and as we move forward once the die is cast.

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