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Count Your Blessings: Day 16


Food price rises hit the poorest hardest. Between 2011 and 2012, maize prices rose by 174% in Malawi.

Give 10p for each tin of food in your home.

Well today I think I can, with reasonable impunity, get off cheaply as I don't keep many tins at home!  In fact, I think I have as many, if not more, tins of cheap tuna (2) for the cat and cat food (3) as I have 'people food'.  Sainbury's long ago started selling chopped tomatoes in cartons, which was the thing I always used to have tins of.  I am at church, so can't do an accurate count, but if I have five tins of people food, that will be a geenrous estimate.  Just as well they don't ask how many packets of pasta or bags of flour...  

My pledge:

Today  £1 (50p for me, 50p for the cat)

Total £20.25, three prayers and 'use your vote people!'

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