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Count Your Blessings: Day 23


In India, tens of millions of women face discrimination and abuse for being single, divorced or widowed.
Pray for fair treatment for women everywhere.


I am fifty, single, straight and female.  I have experienced discrimination on the grounds of gender, marital status and age.  I have experienced sexual harassment in the (secular) workplace and inappropriate advances from married, male Christians, including ordained ministers.  It may be the case that under UK law women have rights, but it does not always translate in to lived experience.  I am not for a moment comparing my experiences with the horrendous injustices in other nations, rather I am noting that that it is a topic that resonates, and that this will shape my response.


Holy Spirit, Sophia, wisdom, you personify the feminie within the divine

Jesus, you compared yourself to a mother hen

God you are beyond any labels, yet you mother as well as father us...


We pray for the women of our world

In all their wonderful diversity

In the richness of their life experiences


We pray for justice so that

The single woman

The married woman

The divorced woman

The widowed woman


The educated woman

The illiterate woman


The straight woman

The gay woman

The X-Y woman

The by-surgery woman


The rich woman

The poor woman


The healthy woman

The sick woman

The dying woman


The mother woman

The childless woman


The warrior woman

The pacifist woman


The career woman

The homemaker woman


The woman with learning disabilities

The woman with physical disabilities

The woman with mental health concerns


The powerful woman

The powerless woman




Every woman


May be treated fairly


And having discovered what that means

May share that experience with every child, man and woman

Until your justice reaches all people.



My pledge

Today - one prayer

Total - £23.75, four prayers, one rant and one e-petition signed

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