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Count Your Blessings: Days 25 and 26


Afghanistan, has received a loom from Christian Aid partner RAADA to enable her to make an income from her skill at weaving traditional Afghan rugs. It takes her about 3 months to finish a carpet which she sells for about US$60. The carpets are made from wool from her own animals, and the extra income means she has more money for her family.

Give thanks for mothers and carers throughout the world who work hard to look after their families.
Visit christianaid.org.uk/motheringsunday for a thought-provoking Mothering Sunday church service plan, featuring more on Golbibi.


Golbibi Kohsani, has two children and lives in Afghanistan. A war in Afghanistan has left many people poor, especially women. Christian Aid, through a local organisation called RAADA, has given Golbibi a loom – a machine for making rugs and carpets. Golbibi uses wool from her sheep to make rugs, which she sells to make more money to help look after her family. Write a prayer on another sheet of paper to say thanks for women and carers all over the world who work so hard to care for children.

Mothers and carers... looking after their families... OK, you know what's coming next - my semantics check.  'Mother' may be definable, even if it is sometimes prefaced by words such as grand, step, foster, birth or adoptive but 'carer'... do we include midwives and community nurses?  nursery nurses and teachers?  baby-sitters and child-minders? siblings? cousins? leaders of clubs and organisations? where does 'family' end and 'community' or 'society' begin?  Or is that, really, the point?

And care is not 'just' about infants and children... what of care for those who are unwell, or have disabilities, or who are elrderly or dying?  Even those who have died?  home helps and health care assitants? welfare rights advisers and counsellors? hospices and undertakers?  Once yoyu begin to think, the list gets longer and longer...

Thank you God who can been known as family or community

And is more than either or both

For those whose care,

In the context of family

And lived within some expression of community

Has enriched my life

And which enriches the lives of others

It is too difficult to define

Or confine

Those who have cared

Do care

Will care

For 'me and mine'

To 'we'

To blood

To kin

To any group

Or purpose.

So, thank you God for

All who care






Female and male

Old and young

Chosen or enforced

Trained or untrained

Paid or unpaid

For agencies and societies

For structures and guidelines

For all who have cared

Do care

And will care


My pledge

Today - one prayer

Total - £23.85, five prayers, one rant and one e-petition signed

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