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Count Your Blessings: Day 27

This week the focus shifts to ecological issues...


The world’s poorest people are on the frontline of our changing climate – and they’re suffering first
and hardest.

Give 50p for each light turned on unnecessarily in your home and 20p for every electrical appliance left on standby.


When we were growing up there two things my Dad was very strict on - keepng doors closed, and swtiching off lights when you left a room.  The motivation wasn't ecological but a blend of practical (to keep the warmth in) and financial (to keep costs down).  Unplugging the television at night was also one of his 'things', a safety conern that seems to have long since disappeared.  So the prospect of leaving a light on 'unecessarily' is one I find hard to relate to; I am more likely to sit I the half dark than the opposite.  And the only thing I could leave on 'standby' is my televsion, which I don't.

In good conscience, I can give myself a 'cheap' day.

Oh, and in the words of my dad, "were you you born in a field?  Shut the door! We're not heating the whole of [town/village/city] you know"


My pledge

Today - zero, just some memories

Total - Total - £23.85, five prayers, one rant, one memory and one e-petition signed

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