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To Do List...


Bread for communion - gluten free, seed/nut free, soy free...

Grape juice for communion

Bath mat(s) non-slip for floor, just in case

Folding steps, as baptistery has only one set of steps supplied - so need some for outside use (will retain for use at home)

Plastic ducks... vis-aid/give away



Managing risks of small children deciding to use baptistery as a swimming pool with need to get baptisers and baptisee in and out safely... folding steps outisde pool seems best option: put up for use, take away afterwards. 

Bath mats to reduce slipping risk when wet feet hit lino flooring

Still not quite sure about the ducks... not during worship as that would be too glib, but adding then afterwards risks kiddies falling in... hmm.  Will probably just use as a giveaway!

Filling/emptying subject to strict controls!!



Fun with nuts and bolts as four of us build, fill and heat the baptistery... oh yes, I got a baby bath thermometer so we can see how warm it is/isn't!

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