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Regional Variations?

I was popping out to the shops today and bumped into my neighbour, also going out.  'I don't like this smirr, ' he said, adding 'I presume you know that Scots word by now.'  Erm, nope.  So he explained.  'Ah,' I said, 'yes, mizzle...' 

We each agreed the other's word had merit and was a good description of the weather.  By the time we reached the gate it was definitely drizzle, and my neighbour asked if I was OK without a brolly.  "Oh yes," I replied, "I'm not made of sugar."  This, it seems, was a new saying in his experience so I had to explain it (not made of sugar, so won't 'melt' (dissolve)).

There is the myth about the number of words inuits have for snow - but I have a suspicion it comes nowhere near the number of words Brits have for rain.

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