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Nothing is wasted...

... and in all things God works for good for those who love him.

These are two of my theological maxims (along with "faith without deeds is dead").

Today I traipsed down to Ibrox in the pouring rain having managed to get a 'next day' appointment to see the people who supply lymphoedema sleeves to the NHS in Glasgow.  I not only needed a new sleeve but my lymphoedema has spread to my hand, leaving me with fingers that resemble a bunch of juicy sausages, and a hand like a small, pink balloon!

Anyway, the young woman measured me up for a new sleeve and glove, advising on the best combination to avoid creating a hiatus in my wrist or forearm.

She then said, are you going home [viz to England] for Christmas?  No, I said, I'm working, which opened the way for a short conversation about what I do, the Christmas Day lunch at church, the likely hospital visits and so on.

Now, God certainly did not smite me with cancer, and especially did not do so in order to make me talk to people about what I do for a living or about my faith. But (never start a sentence with a coinjunction except for dramatic effect) given that it happened, I have had unexpected and unpressurised opportunities to talk to all sorts of people about such things.  I do not "give them the gospel" though I kind of hope that my demeanour might speak more than my words.  I do not challenge them about their faith or life, though will engage in conversation if asked.  And what I find is that people are interested (and amazed at the Christmas Day lunch) and open.

Nothing is wasted... in all things God works for good... if we are willing to do our bit, too.


  • You're so right, Catriona, though I'm very sorry to hear about the lymphoedema spread.

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