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Last Sermon of 2013

It isn't very often I preach the Sunday after Christmas - usually only when it coincides with Boxing Day - but this year I will be.  My valiant, if not always successful, endeavours only to work sensible numbers of hours (so we'll gloss over a couple of 14 hour days recently) mean that I have worked yesterday and today (and will take my Bank Holiday lieu days next week) but at least I now have a sermon.

And I am delighted by it.  Not necessarily with it.  But by it.

Because I found a new way to read an old text, and a new bit of 'good news' to savour.  It may be old news to anyone else, and it may be dodgy hermeneutics, but it has made me happy!


What is it...?  AH, you'll have to wait and see.  Now it's just the small matter of the craft activity to sort.

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