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  • Coming Down the Mountain...

    Let's be honest, there was an element of 'mountain top' about my trip to NZ - I felt enthused, energsied and rather proud of myself for getting there in the first place.  Day three since I came back to work I am still feeling very tired from the travelling, and the intensity of the shiny happy feeling is diminishing rapidly.  That's the thing about mountain top moments - you have to come back to earth sooner or later.

    Tomorrow my plan is to make lots and lots of zeds, having worked fairly intently all week and put in a fair few hours I am ready for some sleep!

    My sermon for Sunday kind of follows this thread, so I'm preaching to myself as much as to anyone else... coming down the mountain is inevitable; it's how what happens at ground level is affected by the experience that really matters.

  • Just wondering....

    ... if one of J K Rowling's characters could transfigure the sow's ear that is my Transfiguration sermon into a silk purse... At least I have a first draft done now and all tomorrow to re-work it into something better.  Sometimes it seems I need to brain dump a rubbish sermon in order for the ideas to find their way out of my head!

    Good as it is to be back at work, my brain is still rather sluggish from crossing quite so many time zones and being offered quite such odd foodstuffs at wierd hours (I declined the midnight snack of steak pie!) along the way.

  • Back to earth...

    ... and back to work.  Somehow February disappeared without me noticing and now on the cusp of March there's a lot that needs to be done - so as you can see I am busy on the diversion tactics!  Out shortly to a meeting then need to crack Sunday's 'transfiguration' sermon and start thinking Lent planning!

    Seem to have a possible cold brewing courtesy of someone on the plane who snuffled and sneezed all the way from Auckland to Dubai and/or the one who coughed all the way from Dubai to Glasgow.

    Good to be home - lots to do and looking forward to getting back to it!  One last pic of the Sky Tower by night before normality returns:

    nz 110.JPG