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First Wednesday in Lent - A Poem

Last Sunday's gospel reading was the temptation of Jesus, so it seemed fitting to find a poem that reflected that.  By the woners of google, I found this one, which gave me pause, and maybe it will do the same for you?

Temptation in the Wired Wilderness

by Holly Ordway

Our Lord spent forty days and forty nights
Resisting Satan in the wilderness.
We picture barren rocks and sand; we might
Add in a scrubby tree or two. I guess
That’s where temptation ought to come, so we
Can see it from at least a mile away,
And be prepared, with Bibles, church retreats,
And exhortations to stand firm. 

Instead it wounds with cuts too small to see,
In this our wired wilderness. We play
And work in deserts of the digital:
Abuzz with locust-noise of clicks and tweets
And filled with lonely crowds. Our enemy
Is faced and fought right here, or not at all.

from http://godandnature.asa3.org/poem-temptation-in-the-wired-wilderness.html

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