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Smile, it's Lent 4!

aka Laetere Sunday - Rejoice Sunday (leatere Jerusalem)

aka Refreshment Sunday - the day in Lent on which abstentions can be set aside (even more than on any old lenten Sunday for purists)

aka Rose Sunday - because traditionally priests wore rose coloured vestments rather than penitential purple

aka Mothering Sunday - the day people returend to their 'mother' church (Victorian inventinn I think) and excuse to bake and eat Simnel cakes!

aka Mothers' Day - at least in the UK; a day to celebrate mothers and motherhood, and try not to do too much harm to those for whom it is a day of pain, emptiness or regret

aka BST begins day - spring forward people, and if you're really late for church please tiptoe in quietly, turn up the last hymn and be ready for the blessing!!

Whatever your day, may it be charactersied by refreshment, rejoicing and roses (literal, metaphorical or chocolate!!)


  • Mothering Sunday - yes; Mothers' Day - never. Mothers' Day is an American invention at the beginning of May.

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