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Catching Up...

It's not so often the case these days that I need to work on a Saturday... indeed, despite being on BUGB six-day week settlement terms I tend to be closer in practice to BUS five-day terms, even if often working more hours per day than they envisage in their 'sessions' model.

Today has been busy in a good way...

A complete rewrite of tomorrow's sermon, so it's now closer to what I want it to be and will hopefully achieve what I feel it is meant to achieve.

A careful read through of an 'end of probation report' by the minister for whom it has been my privilege to act as mentor these past three years

Now I need to read my mentee's Guided Self Appriasal paperwork in detail, and then get around to completing my own!

I also have a mega heap of ironing to get done, a decluttering* exercise that is at a standstill, and a house that resembles Paddy's market after an earthquake!


* decluttering was due to include chucking out my cassette tape collection, then as I was cogitating over the sermon I recalled a line from a song and tracked it down to a tape from the late 1970s or early 1980s... maybe the tapes survive this cull then!  But not the engineering  degree notes, they can definitely go after I read the exam papers and thought for each question either "not a clue" or "that's so easy"!


  • Well done. I can't throw music away either and still have all my old cassettes.

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