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Today in our service we had one scriptural parable and three others...

The parable of the tenants in the vineyard, rebranded as 'the parable of the landlord who refused to give up'


The Parable of the Candle

Light a candle and see how it dispels the darkness, its tiny flame visible over vast distances, bringing sight to those around.  But draw too close to the flame, the source of light, and all is dark.


The Parable of the Charity Fun Run

Young and old, fit and flabby, some fast, some slow, some the full distance, some only part... each one with a shared goal, each one rewarded with the same medal


The Parable of the Ski-ing Lesson (borrowed/adapted from Lesley Riddoch)

The novice skier stood at the top of the slop and pushed off.  As she gained pace, she saw in her path a small child... transfixed by that she wished to avoid, she hurtled faster and closer... only when the child moved to one side was disaster averted.

[This one came inits original form with an explanation: don't focus on the thing you want to avoid; focus on the thing you want to achieve]

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