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The word becomes incarnate - and yet remains on high

Last week someone, trying to make sense of the incarnation, said that "a certain proportion of God came to earth and the rest stayed in heaven..."  Whilst I follow their logic, and understand what they are attempting to do, it is an attempt to rationalise what is ultimately a mystery... how can God be simultaneously transcendent and immanent; in heaven and on earth, there and here... the answer is, we cannot know, but by faith we have the audacity to trust that somehow it is so...

Advent is a time of mystery, a time of looking forward and looking backward, of recognising the 'now and not yet', a time of seeming contradiction and yet...


BPW 140 - A Great and Mighty Wonder, first two verses... (attempting not to do much copyright breaching this year!)

A great and mighty wonder:
redemption drawing near!
the virgin bears the infant,
the prince of peace is here!
Repeat the hymn again:
'To God on high be glory,
and peace on earth. Amen.'

The Word becomes incarnate
and yet remains on high;
the shepherds hear the anthem
as glory fills the sky-
Repeat the hymn again:


here is a choral version: enjoy!

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