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Refreshed... well a little bit, anyway

So, this morning I had a long lie in (that's a composite anglo-scottish term for two hours extra in bed!) and spent some time sunggling with my two kitties who can purr very loudly!  Then on the basis that I use my own laptop for PowerPoint for church, I opted to stay at home to get that done.  After that I thought, well, why not give the sermon a go... and I did, and it's OK, not everso wildly exciting but it's competent.  And now it is roughly lunchtime and I feel gently chuffed at what I've achieved and a bit more refreshed than I have done this week.

Still some prayers to consider and a heap of admin type stuff to organise, but it's getting there.


Kitties in their "bunk beds"... Sasha has spent half the morning hurtling round and playing with a toy mouse, whilst Sophie took herself off to the kitchen where it was more peaceful and slept on a dining chair.

As a rule I prefer to work at church, helps with boundaries and is where all my books are, but just sometimes I can get more done at home.


  • Aww...so gorgeous! I would get no work done with those beautiful kitties around me.

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