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An All Round Good Moment!

I just booked some flight tickets to go to Malta in October.  A holiday with a friend which has become something of an annual treat, but has thus far always meant me travelling by train to Manchester so we can travel together... sometimes turning into a right fandango with late running trains, cancellations, rail replacement buses and who knows what.  So this year we are travelling separately and meeting at the airport in Malta - a new adventure for us both.  Still a convoluted route for me (via Gatwick, no direct flights from Scotland) so scope for "issues" but I am sure it'll be fine :-)

And it was good because I used "easy fundraising" to link to a flight search provider who make a 0.65% donation on every flight - which should mean £1.75 or thereabouts towards the cost of our shiny new church, when we get that far!

And it is good because it will be over five years since my cancer diagnosis so just maybe the insurance will be a tad less extortionate...

But above all it is good because I just booked it without even blinking - not that life is taken for granted, but that realism has re-established itself at last.

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