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40 Acts - Day 22

This Lent is hurtling past at a somewhat alarming pace!  I suspect the relentlessly full days are contributing to that, but mostly I am enjoying what I'm doing  and it does seem to be reasonably productive! 

Today is a bit self-indulgent - snatching back some 'me' time, having a lie-in (for as long as the kitties would allow), enjoying a few treats and catching up on a few jobs (only I could knock over a full bucket-size mug of tea onto a beige carpet, and will shortly commence the third attempt to remove the stain!).

So it made me smile that today was about 'time' and giving of 'time... see what you think:


Time is money – or is it more precious than that? Giving your time and talents to a cause or to someone because they need some help, moral support, company or just plain because can be priceless. Whether it’s a whole day or an hour, this act is about blessing others with the gift of your time.



Book five minutes into your daily schedule now and commit to give that time to someone who needs it. Perhaps your family, a friend, or even more time in prayer.



Got behind with 40acts? Take 30 minutes today and whizz back through some that you’ve missed. You’ll be surprised at how generous you can be in 1800 seconds


DONATE A DAY: What could you do for someone with a whole day? Could you book one day’s annual leave this year and spend it helping others?

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