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Angels Unawares

Yesterday I experimented with a day-trip to Northampton, which worked pretty well, though another time I'd make a few tweaks.

True to form, almost every train ran late and there was a lot of running for connections, but, amazingly the only one I missed was the last train out from Glasgow Central to home, so I grabbed a cab.

All was well - but only thanks to the help of a total stranger when a late running train left me with less than 90s to make a connection to a Virgin train where doors are usually locked 30s before departure...

I was on a very late running train towards Manchester Piccadilly from Preston and had asked the conductor if I'd make the connection, which he said I might.  Fortunately for me, a man had got on the train at Bolton (I think) who turned out to be an off duty Virgin employee and who, hearing my plight said he'd try to help me catch my train but we'd have to run.... we walked down the inside of the train to be at the correct door to run straight up the escalator (he like a gazelle, me like a tortoise) over the bridge and down the stairs to where the train stood.  Amazingly I had time to walk up the inside of that train and settle into my booked seat before the train left.  I did say 'thank you' to the man who smiled and walked away - he certainly was my 'angel unawares' for that journey.

I did spot that the name FARRELL on his Virgin work pass so there is a very outside someone chance that someone will spot this and be able to pass on my thanks... the woman in the green coat who couldn't run very fast and was headed to Northampton via Milton Keynes.


(I have also shared this via social media - so just maybe the message will reach him)


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