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Prayer Request

This short news article on the BMS World Mission website has promped this post.

David Kerrigan is one of the people I admire most in the whole world.  He would probably be embarrassed to be told that, but it's true.

David's role in BMS is challenging and demanding, he meets hundreds of people and travels widely.  He is a gifted speaker, educator, preacher and pastor.  He holds strong views with incredible grace and humility.  He is one of the most Baptist Baptists I know.

And five years ago, when I was diagnosed with cancer and was scared witless, David took the time to pray for me during a trip to Israel/Palestine.  Since then we have met on occasions and he has been a great encourager of my own ministry.

Now David faces his own journey with cancer, has had some surgery and needs time to rest and recouperate.  I can't equal praying in the homeland of Jesus, but I can pray...

Pray that David knows the love of God surrounding him, and is granted peace within the storm

Pray that David will have places and spaces to express his emotions and concerns

Pray that David and his family will given privacy when they need it, and company when they need that

Pray that in the tracing of rainbows hope will be renewed

Pray that in the darkest night inextinquishable flames lead the way onward

Pray for wholeness and the assurance that all will be well


I hope that five years from now, David will be fit and well, living life to the full and able to look back, as I do, wondering where the time has gone.


  • Amen!

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