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Well Intentioned but...

Today I was in our local Christian bookshop to pick up a few bits and bobs, including some cards.  I chose to spend almost £2 to buy this one which I think is well-intentioned but somewhat unhelpful.

The quote is from 1 Peter 2 (KJV) rather than more familar, at least to me, Isaiah 53, which is present tense, so that threw me slightly.  Either way, its referent is not physical healing, at least not as I read it.  Creative idea, but not really a 'get well' message.

To top it all off, what drew me to the card was the section it was filed under, which was labelled 'coping with cancer' where it was the only option. (It also appeared in the general 'get well' section too).

I was left puzzled as to why we needed a special "coping with cancer cards" section in the first place (there was also one for depression, but no other specific condition or disease).  It seemed like one of those well-intentioned but not everso helpful ideas.

Unfortunately the only 'coping with cancer' cards I've seen that seemed to hit the mark would not be suitable to cite on the nice polite blog of a Baptist minister (unless I already did ages ago and have forgotten!)


  • ....but I loved it!

  • Which shows we're all different. My issue was less with the card and than the categorisation...

  • I meant the card you couldn't post...may have got our wires crossed

  • :-) maybe... or me being a bit dim anyway

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