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Nothing is Wasted...

I've always trusted this to be so.  Today, as I started to research the 'I AM' sayings in the fourth gospel ready for Sunday's service, I dug out my notes from a course I took on this 14 years ago (yikes!).  Two things struck me.  Firstly,  I had remembered more than I realised, so I guess we had a good teacher back then.  Secondly, there's quite a lot of unsubstantiated stuff in the handouts!

Not at all sure where I might end up going with this on Sunday - but like last week it will lean more to 'didactic' than 'kerygmatic'.  Hopefully it will be of some value to those who hear it, as together we ponder these mysterious sayings that may, or may not, all be based on Old Testament imagery (where the heck is that 'gate' or 'portal' for the sheep??!)

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