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Ancient Artefacts.. well, sort of!

One of my tasks over the coming weeks is to sort through the drawers and cupboards, shelves, stacks and stashes in my office at work, deciding what should be kept, what should be passed on and what should be binned/recycled.

As I sifted through the drawers of the filing cabinet that has served as my stationery stash/store for the last 20 years or so (eek!) I found a huge quantity of unused OHP slides - both the sort designed to go through printers and the sort that you used to write on.  I do have a few ideas for uses as crafts - but not enough to use them all up, and possibly not things that will ever actually come to pass.  So these will go into the 'rehome' or 'recycle' piles rather than 'retain'.

I also came across these:


It still only feels like yesterday that Woolworth's closed, and that I felt like some kind of low-life stocking up on bargain priced A4 pads, pens and pencils that (as you can see) I am still working my way through all these years later.  In the week that the final few BHS shops closed their doors, and another long-lived company went the way of all flesh, it's a reminder, were one needed, of the endless and relentless change that goes on around us all the time.

Decluttering will take a good while yet - and I am uncovering many good things as well as fair quantity of utter rubbish.  There will be some passing on of stuff to others, that's for sure, and then I can embark once more on a slightly more minimalist existence (stop rolling on the floor laughing...).

In between times, normal service continues!!


  • The transparencies are useful for 'stained glass' pictures. Print a simple pic on one side, then colour the other side with ohp pens or sharpies. I was going to say 'kids craft' but colouring is an all-age activity these days.

  • Thank you, Angela, that's a great idea - will keep it in mind for one of our All Age services :-)

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