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Over the last week or so, I have been sorting through the stash of craft materials that has lain under the desk in the room that is now my office for the last few years.  Via social media, I have managed to give away, to people who will put it to good use for nurseries, children's clubs and charity projects, the contents of four very large plastic crates.  I have also cleared out three big storage boxes of random electric/computer stuff, about half of which was chucked out, and most of the rest will probably follow suit as no-one wants it.  Today it was the turn of my cookie cutties to face the cull, hence the photo above.

Sorting and photographing the various items brought back many happy memories of the people, places and projects for which they were purchased... whether it was baking with 'Splorers, 'Messy' Christmas or Easter services. or contributions to charity fayres or bake sales... these memories are precious and priceless.

What has surprised me, though, is the sense of cartharsis that has arisen from letting things go... things I have kept 'because they 'will come in usesful one day' and also 'things people have given me so I have to keep them because of the love, kindness and generosity they have shown...'

I don't think I'll ever become minimalist, or for that matter tidy, but in giving away things that have given me pleasure and now might do the same for others who choose to take them, I am finding, to my surprise, that I feel freer and happier, and that has to be a Good Thing!


  • I for one am very grateful to be on the receiving end of your clear out and another little Gathering Place who wouldnt normally ever gather like they do were it for for the time, place and format which we use - are very pleased to use your spare communion trays! Thank you x

  • You are very welcome :-)

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