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A Hymn

One of the hymns we used on Sunday - it seemed to scratch where people were itching...


Lord Jesus, think of me

and take away my fear;

in my depression, may I be

assured that you are near.


Lord Jesus, think of me

by many cares oppressed;

in times of great anxiety

give me your promised rest.


Lord Jesus, think of me

when darker grows the day;

and in my sad perplexity

show me the heavenly way.


Lord Jesus, think of me

when night's dark shadows spread;

restore my lost serenity,

and show me light ahead.


Lord Jesus, think of me,

that when the night is past

I may the glorious morning see

and share your joy at last!


Jubilate Hymns version of Moneo Christe Synesius of Cyrene (c.375-430) adapted by Allen W Chatfield (1808-1896) © Jubilate Hymns Ltd


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