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Surprisingly Liberating...

My free weekend has seen me getting back to the decluttering exercise, sorting and giving away most of my sheet music and my recorders, rearranging my living room so that it is no longer buried under boxes of stuff waiting to be sorted or disposed of, and then this afternoon, sorting through my tool boxes, etc. to identify which things I actually might use and which would be far better going off overseas with TWAM.

What has surprised me, and continues to surprise me, is how liberating it feels to have less 'stuff'... along with a kind of 'eek, just how much did I spend on all this over the years?'

Whilst it's slightly odd to recognise that my days of car mechanicing or recorder playing or dressmaking or whatever are now past, it stirs many happy memories of the rich and diverse experiences I have enjoyed in my adult life.

Quite a bit more cullling, clearing, donating and chucking still needed but I think I will actually like this leaner, cleaner lifestyle once I get there!

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