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The Dangers of Perfectionism and Workaholism!

It's been a busy week, and although I've been quietly mulling over two/three acts of worship and seminar for which I am responsible tomorrow, I am still in the process of getting any of that onto paper.  I am having lots of fun, really enjoying researching and playing with ideas... even if there's a danger I'll end up with the basis for an MA module rather than a 60 minute seminar along the way.

Probably spending around three hours creating a visual aid for something that will take around ten minutes is a bit OTT... but it's pretty much the way I'm wired.  I do remind myself that 'the best can be the enemy of the good' but I want to ensure people have a good experience, and that can drive me to rather excessive levels of preparation!

So, a quick few minutes distraction to compose a blog post may, afterall, be no bad thing!

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