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Switching Energy...

One of the strands on our recent 'Away Day' looked at Caring for Creation, and specifically at the 'Big Church Switch', which is a scheme that encourages churches to change to green (or greener) energy suppliers.  It's something I'd been meaning to do for ages and never quite got round to, but this morning I did it... and in around five weeks the switch should be complete.

There was a slight hitch trying to do this online, as the website wouldn't accept my date of birth as valid - fortunately when I rang them up, they were able to do it for me from there end!

The other area where I am slightly less clear of the way forward is changing my A-rated 'energy saving light bulbs' to A+ rated 'LED light bulbs'... is it really 'greener' to throw out perfectly good light bulbs and replace them?  I'd need to do some more research to be convinced!  But as and when I need to replace bulbs from now on, I'll opt for LED where possible.

More about The Big Church Switch here definitely worth looking at.

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