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Would I Lie to You....

One of my preferred bits of 'junk television' is "Would I Lie to You" in which participants read out statements which may be true or maybe complete fabrications and, based on questioning, the other team has to decide whether or not they are true.  As a precursor to today's sermon, I decided to use a variant of this, whereby I read out a series of statements, each with three parts, and the congregation had to work out whether all were ture, all were false or a mixture.

So, for anyone reading - who was there this morning - here they are (no answers, you'll have to stick with your guesses!)

I have conducted weddings in the following venues:

  • a cow shed
  • a library
  • a hospital ward

I have, at different times, been given the following as Christmas presents:

  • a broken ornament
  • a packet of coffee that was four years out of date
  • a book with pages missing

I have conducted funerals where the following pieces of music were played on the way out

  • Soul limbo (test match theme)
  • Blue tailed fly
  • Smoke gets in your eyes

I once owned an Austin Metro called Molly.  During the time I owned it, it was

  • Rear-ended by a white van
  • Hit by a runaway horse
  • Towed away because someone thought it had been abandoned

It was certainly a bit of fun, and people engaged generously with it.  I think it worked fairly well as illustrating that it isn't always easy to tell truth from lies, distortion from accuracy.

No service to prepare for next week, as I'll be in Harrogate with BUGB-BMS people, but plenty else to keep me busy in the mean time.

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