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  • Energising...

    In the last week or so, I've read four novels and a sort-of-theology book.

    I've also begun the 'Couch to 5k' exercise programme in an attempt to learn to run.  Two days in and so far so good, even if it is quite hard work to run for 60 seconds at a time when it's uphill!

    What I'm noticing, overall, is that I feel more energised, that my brain can process ideas more swiftly and (hopefully) more effectively.  I was tempted to describe it as being a bit like 'sleeping beauty' waking up, but perhaps that's a bit too far-fetched.

    All of this is very encouraging, and feels remarkably good after the better part of seven years with a brain like treacle. 

    I am loving reading again - and feel as if I have almost seven years worth of catching up to do, so maybe I will get on to those theology books that have lain unopened in the meantime!

    Exercise-wise, it's just a challenge to do something new, to stretch myself a bit and, if I'm totally honest, to burn the calories more swiftly so that I have more day to do other things!!

    Not everything is perfect by any means - my memory is still deficient and probably always will be now, but I feel much better in and about myself, which is what matters. 

    So, thank you to God, to the people who have borne with me all this time... and so glad that I stuck at it and did as I was told all these years, as it's finally paying off.