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  • Liturgy 101

    I am often surprised (and equally appalled) at the lack of basic knowledge that too many ministers have about ordering worship.  Directed by others to this link, I was encouraged and discouraged in equal measure.  Encouraged because it's good stuff.  Discouraged because I've known this since I was a child.  Thankfully I grew up in, and have served in, churches who understand what the work of worship is.  Too many, it seems, do not.

  • What does it say, how do you read it?

    This week, inspired by the JPIT session at the BUGB-BMS Assembly, I've been playing around with optical illusions (they will appear in my submission to our church magazine and I am using some this afternoon with our Friendship group).

    I've had fun, and been challenged to think about what I see, what I perceive, how I influence what others see, and how they influence what I see.

    So, a bit of a spoiler post really.  But what does it say, and how do you read it...? Perception as well as intention are factors here.  Enjoy the image, and be assured you are always welcome to my corner of Blogland!