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Christian Aid Week 2017

Tomorrow we are having our Christian Aid Focused service.  I have found the resources this year to be especially helpful and creative, and am looking forward to sharing with our folk.

Christian Aid week is 60 years old - and I realise that I've been supporting it in various ways for about forty.  In the 1970s we were even sent out to deliver/collect envelopes by our RE teacher (if memory has not got too confused, he certainly sent us out with envelopes for charity).  Over the years I have shaken tins, baked cakes, bought cakes, counted money, attended (and miss) Christian Aid "Education Evenings", signed petitions and probably more.

In a world where intolerance and fear seem to be increasing, the work of Christian Aid and other similar organisations is more important than ever.  So I hope we can give generously tomorrow and help support this vital work.

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